If you are up to something new try Temakinho, a restaurant with a Brazilian Japanese fusion cuisine. Situated near the Cadorna railway station, it is easily reachable with any kind of public transport.

Besides some Brazilian dishes, they offer an incredible sushi. All the dishes have Brazilian names and are a mixture of traditional sushi with a Brazilian touch. Enjoy your meal with a real Guaraná, a typical Brazilian soft drink!

Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 4
20123 Milano


Jin Yong

In my opinion Jin Yong is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Milan. Located in the centre of Chinatown you get really the feeling to immerse in China.They offer a huge range of typical Chinese dishes. When you go there, order a couple of plates (noodles, rice, meat, vegetable) and share them with your company (instead of ordering one dish each). Like this it is more fun and you get to taste a greater range of different dishes. I can recommend in particular the rice of the house, the spinach, chicken with ginger and pork with pepper fruits. Normally, they set the table only with chopsticks… if you need cutlery you have to ask for it.

Enjoy the yummy food!

Via Paolo Sarpi, 2
20154 Milano

Tiramisù Delishoes

Unfortunately Tiramisù Delishoes closed down on 22th January, which is a pity as they had an amazing tiramisu. What was so special about the tiramisu? You could create it yourself. They gave you a list on which you could choose between different creams (crema) for the filling, different biscuits (biscotto), dippings (bagna) and decorations (guarnizione and decorazione). I hope some day another place takes up the idea!

Via Marco Formentini, 2
20121 Milano


Do you want to try the Korean cuisine? Then visit HANA, a Korean restaurant near the Duomo. They offer a great range of different Korean plates: e.g. Bibimbap, rice topped with seasoned vegetables and – as a variation – additionally with beef and egg, or Bossam, a pork dish, which is eaten by wrapping the meat and sides in vegetable leaves such as lettuce. If you prefer a soup, try the Naengmyeon, a cold noodle soup with vegetables. But attention: it is a little bit spicy. Seafood lovers will enjoy the Haemul pajeon. Pajeon is a batter of eggs, wheat flour, rice flour,scallions and often other ingredients. For the haemul (hae = sea) pajeon, various seafood (e.g. shrimps) are used in the batter and toppings. Order different dishes and share them with your friends, like this you can taste a great variety of dishes! And absolutely don’t miss out on the Makgeolli, the oldest traditional Korean rice wine! Delicious!!!

Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 12
20123 Milano


Do you feel like having a Japanese dinner? Then, Nozomi is the right place to go. It is known for its Ramen, a traditional Japanese noodle soup, of which they offer a great assortment. Ramen consists of Chinese wheat noodles, a meat- or fish-based broth, vegetables and/or meat. Besides that, you can try various other beautifully arranged Japanese dishes and desserts (see the pictures). And don’t miss out on the Japanese beer!

Via Pietro Calvi, 2
20129 Milano


The restaurant Tagiura is one of my favorite places in Milan. It is located in the west of Milan, easy to reach with the bus 90/91 (bus stop Viale Misurata). When you enter the restaurant, it appears to be a normal Italian coffee bar, but as soon as you are led into the back rooms, this impression is reversed. You can choose between a table in one of the two big dining rooms or in the garden (in the inner courtyard). If the weather permits it, you should definitely sit in the garden. Around 13.00 the restaurant is jam-packed, so either come earlier or just a bit later. But even when it is busy, the service is quick and very friendly. The cuisine is simple and home-style. On the menu, you will find a decent range of pasta/rice dishes (primo), meat dishes (secondo) and desserts (dolce). If you don’t want to eat two full courses and you have difficulties to decide which one to pick, you can choose also a combined plate of primo and secondo, under the category “piatto unico”. A meal consisting of a “piatto unico”, a glass of wine, water, a dolce and an espresso will cost circa € 20 (you pay on your way out of the restaurant at the till). As the restaurant is located in a residential area and far away from any sights, mainly Italians visit it and you will get your very own Italian experience.


Via Tagiura, 5
20146 Milano

A Casa Eatery

A Casa Eatery is located near the Piazza Della Resistenza, close to the metro station S.Ambrogio. The entrance is a bit hidden, but once you found it you enter a very spacious restaurant. At lunchtime, they offer a special menu consisting of three artfully served courses (appetizer, main course and dessert, see the pictures below), water, a glass of wine and an espresso. In total, we paid around € 15 per person. I was told that the dinner is more expensive. Although the plates for each course are small, it is enough if you are not extremely hungry. Besides, it is a nice experience if you like to try some special dishes at an affordable price.

Via Conca del Naviglio, 37
20123 Milano