Acquario Civico of Milan

Near the Parco Sempione, in the centre of Milan, lies the Acquario Civico: a very tiny Aquarium, on solely one floor and with an outside area, that opened for the first time in 1906. Though it is very small you can spend some interesting time in this place as it gives you a broad overview on the wildlife in the Italian lakes, rivers and the sea surrounding it.

The entrance charge is moderate with 5 € per person. And not only the aquarium is worth a visit but also the building itself, an old Art Nouveau villa with plenty of details to discover.

Viale G. B. Gadio, 2
20121 Milano



If you are up to something new try Temakinho, a restaurant with a Brazilian Japanese fusion cuisine. Situated near the Cadorna railway station, it is easily reachable with any kind of public transport.

Besides some Brazilian dishes, they offer an incredible sushi. All the dishes have Brazilian names and are a mixture of traditional sushi with a Brazilian touch. Enjoy your meal with a real Guaraná, a typical Brazilian soft drink!

Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 4
20123 Milano


When you travel to Monza, e.g. to visit the Villa Reale and its surrounding park, don’t miss out on Speedy for your lunch break. The menu gives you plenty of choices, but when you observe the other customers you will see that the meal of choice is one of the sandwiches (panino).

Prices are from 5 € upwards and you can choose from a wide range of panini. When I went there I choose a panino with ham, mozzarella, tomatoes and salad. It was delicious! You won’t be disappointed!

By the way, you are going to be asked to write down your order yourself!

Via Andrea Appiani, 22
20900 Monza MB

Pizzeria Fabbrica

The Pizzeria Fabbrica is another very good pizzeria which is located near Garibaldi. Make a little shopping tour starting in Brera on the Corso Garibaldi, passing Moscova (metro station) until Porta Garibaldi and ending it with a nice lunch there. At the Fabbrica you are offered a great range of pizzas (Margherita, Prosciutto, Capricciosa etc.) with thin and crusty pizza crusts. Depending on the day and time you go there, it can take a while until you get a table. However, the service is very friendly, quick and well-organized, so have a little bit of patience. It pays out!

Viale Pasubio, 2
20154 Milano

Jin Yong

In my opinion Jin Yong is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Milan. Located in the centre of Chinatown you get really the feeling to immerse in China.They offer a huge range of typical Chinese dishes. When you go there, order a couple of plates (noodles, rice, meat, vegetable) and share them with your company (instead of ordering one dish each). Like this it is more fun and you get to taste a greater range of different dishes. I can recommend in particular the rice of the house, the spinach, chicken with ginger and pork with pepper fruits. Normally, they set the table only with chopsticks… if you need cutlery you have to ask for it.

Enjoy the yummy food!

Via Paolo Sarpi, 2
20154 Milano

Tiramisù Delishoes

Unfortunately Tiramisù Delishoes closed down on 22th January, which is a pity as they had an amazing tiramisu. What was so special about the tiramisu? You could create it yourself. They gave you a list on which you could choose between different creams (crema) for the filling, different biscuits (biscotto), dippings (bagna) and decorations (guarnizione and decorazione). I hope some day another place takes up the idea!

Via Marco Formentini, 2
20121 Milano

Open Spaces

Isola is a very particular zone in Milan. It is there where you can find the Bosco Vertical (the residential towers housing trees) or the Piazza Gae Aulenti with i.a. the Unicredit tower. But besides the extraordinary architecture, you can also find these nice recreational places. The one below is near the Piazzale Segrino and the metro station Zara. In summer the bookshelf is filled with books. Additionally, you can find sockets near the park benches so that you can charge your laptop or your phone.

A lot of Milanese working nearby come here to spend their lunch break. Perfect to relax!


Il Cinema e i Diritti

A very interesting event here in Milan is „Il Cinema e i Diritti“ organized by the Casa dei Diritti and Lele Jandon. On several days at around 19:30 you can attend a very special movie night at the CinéMagenta63 of the Institut Français. The screenings comprise different films (in Italian language) on socially relevant topics. Normally, one or two guests discuss the issues presented in the movie. Additionally, there is a little buffet where you can engage in further conversations with the other guests. The price is 9€ everything included.

For further information on the current program visit these websites:

The next films screened are:

  • La Custode di Mia Sorella (03.02.2017)
  • Molto Forte, Incredibilmente Vicino (24.02.2017)
  • L’Incredibile Volo (17.03.2017)
  • Bobby, il Cucciolo di Edimburgo (21.04.2017)
  • Babycall (05.05.2017)

Corso Magenta, 63
20123 Milano

Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

I stood already numerous times in front of the Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo without getting inside. Unfortunately I arrived always when the place was packed and a long line was waiting for a table. But this time I went there early enough and wasn’t disappointed.

The pizzeria opened at 12pm, so it is advisable to get there around this time or even a bit earlier if you want a table for sure (they don’t take reservations and especially at the weekend the pizzeria is very popular).

They offer Neapolitan style pizza: three different types of Pizza Margherita, Pizza Calabrese or Pizza Salame, just to name a few. The pizza crust is thin with a crusty „cornicione“ (the edge or rim of the pizza). The pizza itself is enormous and doesn’t even fit the plate. Prizes are around 10 € for a pizza, some are a bit more costly.

All in all it was worth waiting all these months.

Largo Corsia dei Servi, 11
20122 Milano