You spend your morning shopping in and around the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II or enjoying the view on the terrace on the top of the Duomo and now you long for a short break and a little snack? Then you should drop in at Luini located in a side street of the Piazza del Duomo. Luini offers a wide range of panzerotti, a pastry that resembles a calzone. The classical panzerotto is fried and filled with tomatoes and mozzarella. However, you can get also baked panzerotti and you have the choice between different fillings, such as ham, vegetables or sweet panzerotti etc. If you are indecisive, take the daily special. 

This place is always very crowded, but don’t be put off by the long line. They are very well organized and very quickly, it’s your turn. Besides, their panzerotto is worth a little wait!

Via Santa Radegonda, 16
20121 Milano