The restaurant Tagiura is one of my favorite places in Milan. It is located in the west of Milan, easy to reach with the bus 90/91 (bus stop Viale Misurata). When you enter the restaurant, it appears to be a normal Italian coffee bar, but as soon as you are led into the back rooms, this impression is reversed. You can choose between a table in one of the two big dining rooms or in the garden (in the inner courtyard). If the weather permits it, you should definitely sit in the garden. Around 13.00 the restaurant is jam-packed, so either come earlier or just a bit later. But even when it is busy, the service is quick and very friendly. The cuisine is simple and home-style. On the menu, you will find a decent range of pasta/rice dishes (primo), meat dishes (secondo) and desserts (dolce). If you don’t want to eat two full courses and you have difficulties to decide which one to pick, you can choose also a combined plate of primo and secondo, under the category “piatto unico”. A meal consisting of a “piatto unico”, a glass of wine, water, a dolce and an espresso will cost circa € 20 (you pay on your way out of the restaurant at the till). As the restaurant is located in a residential area and far away from any sights, mainly Italians visit it and you will get your very own Italian experience.


Via Tagiura, 5
20146 Milano