Situated in the heart of Chinatown oTTo offers a nice retreat during the day, where you can work or just relax while enjoying a coffee. The atmosphere is very casual with simple wooden tables and mixed-style chairs. The highlight is a wall covered entirely with plants. At nighttime (from 18.30 on) it gets busier. They do not offer an Aperitivo with a fixed price and a buffet, but you can have a nice meal from € 5 upwards and a glass of wine or a bottle of beer (in total you pay around € 10). You will find the menu on the left side of the counter, where you have to order and pay at once. All their dishes are made of fresh and healthy ingredients and consist mainly of a plate with a mixture of little snacks or a very specially created sandwich. From time to time, they also host events. For more details check out their website.

Via Paolo Sarpi, 8
20154 Milano